The renovation of the glass lab, forge, and foundry in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering was made possible by a fundraising campaign that has raised nearly $3 million to date.
DMSE reopens its renovated glass lab, forge, and foundry.
Apr 13, 2015
MIT Professor Yang Shao-Horn, center, speaks to Skoltech Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage (CEES) researchers from MIT and Moscow State University during a meeting at the MIT Materials Processing Center in February. Listening are MIT Professor Paula Hammond (left) and Skoltech CEES Director Keith Stevenson, who is based in Moscow.
Skoltech Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage brings together researchers from MIT and two Russian institutes to develop advanced batteries and fuel cells.
Apr 10, 2015
Five EECS faculty have been promoted to full professor: Elfar Adalsteinsson, Luca Daniel, Polina Golland (top row, l-r), Jing Kong, and Antonio Torralba (second row, l-r). Three EECS faculty have been promoted to associate professor: Adam Chlipala, Yury Polyanskiy, and Vinod Vaikuntanathan (bottom row, l-r).
Five faculty are promoted to full professor; three faculty promoted to associate professor.
Apr 9, 2015
Anne White, the Cecil and Ida Green Associate Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering
Engineering professor undertakes innovative research in reactor design while working toward the realization of nuclear fusion.
Apr 9, 2015
MIT biological engineering graduate student Bo Qing demonstrates how he loads a polydimethylsiloxane gel onto a post used in a nanoindenter to measure the gel's impact response. The instrument in the NanoMechanical Technology Lab at MIT pushes an indenter into the gel material, which is designed to mimic brain tissue, at very high loading rates. The work is part of a study under Associate Professor Krystyn Van Vliet, in conjunction with the U.S. Army Research Lab and Institute for Soldier Nanotechnology at
MIT graduate student Bo Qing studies synthetic gels that could be used in better equipment to protect against traumatic injuries.
Apr 9, 2015
Munther Dahleh
MIT-wide effort aims to bring the power of data to the people.
Apr 8, 2015
MIT community announcement
The new entity will officially launch on July 1, 2015 and will be named the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS).
Apr 8, 2015
Emma Nelson
Fueled by her roots in China, senior Emma Nelson tackles environmental issues with engineering.
Apr 8, 2015
This illustration depicts phonons "tunneling" from one lattice of sodium chloride to another. New research shows that phonons can reach across a gap as small as a nanometer, “tunneling” from one material to another to enhance heat transport.
“Phonon tunneling” explains heat flow across nanometer-wide gaps, study finds.
Apr 7, 2015
In this image, laser light enters a synthetic diamond from a facet at its corner and bounces around inside the diamond until its energy is exhausted. This excites "nitrogen vacancies" that can be used to measure magnetic fields.
Magnetic-field detector is 1,000 times more efficient than its predecessors.
Apr 6, 2015
 As a mix of cancer cells and white blood cells flows through the microfluidic channel, sound waves from the transducers located on both sides of the channel guide them into separate channels, allowing the rare cancer cells to be isolated.
Acoustic device can rapidly isolate circulating tumor cells from patient blood samples.
Apr 6, 2015
Ravi Kumar, executive vice president of Infosys, speaks at an industry technology conference.
Forum also honors Ravi Kumar, executive vice president of Infosys, with expanded role on its Technology Advisory Board.
Apr 6, 2015
Retired astronaut Michael Collins
Apollo 11 astronaut speaks at MIT about his experiences leading up to the first moon landing.
Apr 2, 2015
Graduate student Steven Keating holds a 3-D-printed copy of his cancerous astrocytoma brain tumor. It was printed by Keating with data from Brigham and Women’s Hospital.
Graduate student Steven Keating takes a problem-solving approach to his brain cancer.
Apr 1, 2015
Christine Ortiz (top left), dean for graduate education at MIT, is the principal investigator of a new Alfred P. Sloan Foundation University Center of Exemplary Mentoring (UCEM) grant. Leading the UCEM will be (clockwise from top center) Leslie Kolodziejski of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, David Hardt of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Eboney Hearn of the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education, Forest White of the Department of Biological Engineering, and Patric
one of only three awarded nationally — from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to create a “University Center of Exemplary Mentoring” (UCEM)
Apr 1, 2015
keystrokes analysis can reveal a great deal of information about motor skills
By revealing loss of motor skills, typing patterns may help to identify early onset of Parkinson’s.
Apr 1, 2015
Course 1 undergraduates work with a mobile lab in Hawaii.
Kilauea volcanic smog study may lead to better understanding of effects on human health, infrastructure, and environment.
Apr 1, 2015
Biological engineering PhD student Shiou-chi (Steven) Chang (right) and research associate Bogdan Fedeles (left) are both members of the Essigmann Lab
MIT team finds mechanism by which exposure to vinyl chloride may produce cancerous mutations.
Apr 1, 2015
Traffic signals
Analysis shows that smarter programming of stoplights could improve efficiency of urban traffic.
Mar 31, 2015
 MIT graduate students Elena Glassman and Jeremy Scott
System clusters similar student programs together, so instructors can identify broad trends.
Mar 30, 2015
 Illustration shows the MIT team’s proposed scheme for comparing different photovoltaic materials, based on the complexity of their basic molecular structure. The complexity increases from the simplest material, pure silicon (single atom, lower left), to the most complex material currently being studied for potential solar cells, quantum dots (molecular structure at top right). Materials shown in between include gallium aresenide, perovskite and dye-sensitized solar cells.
New study identifies the promise and challenges facing large-scale deployment of solar photovoltaics.
Mar 26, 2015
 Munther Dahleh (left), director of MIT's Engineering Systems Division, speaks with postdoctoral associate Rose Faghih at a Postdoc6 workshop.
Postdoctoral scholars in electrical engineering and computer science gain new perspectives as Postdoc6 comes full cycle.
Mar 25, 2015
CSAIL researcher invented core database concepts, turned many into companies.
Mar 25, 2015
Integer overflows occur when a computer tries to store too large a number in the memory space reserved for it. The leading digits are discarded — much as they are when a car odometer turns over.
System to automatically find a common type of programming bug significantly outperforms its predecessors.
Mar 24, 2015