Materials Processing Center

Director: Carl V. Thompson | Email | Website

77 Massachusetts Ave. • 24-517 • Cambridge, MA 02139 • (617) 253-5179

The Materials Processing Center (MPC) was established in response to a recognized national need to improve the materials processing knowledge base and streamline the process of translating materials research results into industrial innovations and applications. The Center’s basic philosophy focuses on uniting the materials research community at MIT by forming closer ties and collaborative research opportunities with industry.

Collaboration on research ventures, technology transfer, continuing education and communication among industrial and governmental entities are our top priorities. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the field of materials processing, faculty and research staff affiliated with the Center come from a range of fields beyond the traditional materials science and engineering group. Contributions are being made by scientists and professionals in chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, as well as in aeronautical and astronautical engineering, civil engineering, nuclear engineering, environmental engineering, ocean engineering and chemistry. The Materials Processing Center builds upon MIT’s history of close ties to industry. Materials research thrusts:

  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Nanotechnology
  • Information Systems
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Energy Generation & Storage
  • Chemical & Biological Sensors
  • Biomedicine and Biotechnology

Current Research:

  • Solar Cells
  • Fuel Cells
  • Microphotonics
  • Autonomous Environmental and Medical Sensors
  • Nanostructured Materials for Construction and Transportation