Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity

Director: Jung-Hoon Chun | Email | Website

77 Massachusetts Ave. • 35-231 • Cambridge, MA 02139 • (617) 258-5622

The Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity (LMP) is an interdepartmental laboratory with three major goals: to develop the fundamental principles of manufacturing systems, processes, and machines; apply those principles to the manufacturing enterprise; and educate the engineering leaders of tomorrow.

The Laboratory seeks to establish a rational foundation for creating manufacturing methods, based on an in-depth understanding of the complex interactions among manufacturing's many aspects, from systems design to operations management. Our research has led to innovation in manufacturing processes and improved understanding in planning, design, and production operations. LMP’s three main research areas are:

Micro- and Nano-Scale Manufacturing

Researchers in this area develop manufacturing techniques for micro- and nano-scale technologies. Areas of focus include microfluidic devices, nanopositioning systems, fuel cells, and electronics.

Manufacturing Systems and Information

In collaboration with the Data Center, Auto-ID Laboratory, and Park Center for Complex Systems, LMP members study intricate large-scale systems and apply information technology to management and simulation in novel ways.

Renewable Energy and Environmentally Benign Manufacturing

Focusing on sustainable technologies and manufacturing techniques, this area encompasses research in photovoltaics, fuel cells, and the environmental impact of manufacturing.