Center for Computational Engineering

Co-Directors: Tony Patera, Karen Willcox | Email  | Website

Computational engineering plays an increasingly important role in economic competitiveness, national security, environmental stewardship, and public safety. Indeed, computational engineering is central to all engineering endeavors—from the development of appropriate mathematical models to the prediction of mechanical, electrical, chemical, and biological phenomena to the design of complex natural and engineered systems. Computational engineering has now reached the stage in which further progress—to reach full potential as a pervasive enabling technology—requires the development of new interdisciplinary education and research models.

MIT’s Center for Computational Engineering was established in 2008. The center is comprised of faculty and research partners from across the School of Engineering, as well as other departments and units involved in computational engineering education and research around MIT.

Our focus is on computational approaches for engineering problems: the formulation and implementation of new approaches that are more efficient and capable; and the informed application of existing approaches to important engineering questions. Our emphasis is on the development of the “next generation” of innovators and innovations.

Our research projects are focused on several major methodology themes and several major applications themes. The methodology themes are high performance computation and computational foundations; multiscale, multiphysics, multifidelity simulations; computational design, optimization, and control; integration of data and simulation, and computational geometry and scientific visualization. The applications themes are materials and manufacturing; nano/micro systems; biological and biomedical processes/systems; infrastructure systems and services; energy; environment; and transportation.

CCE offers two educational programs, the interdisciplinary Master of Science Program in Computation for Design and Optimization and the Doctoral Program in Computational Science and Engineering.