Support MIT Engineering: People

An investment in the people of MIT is an investment in the future. Our students and faculty are tireless problem solvers. They are working around the globe to provide solutions to problems whose impact defies political boundaries in much the same way our faculty and students defy disciplinary ones.

Endowing a Professorship

MIT’s world-class faculty has made a habit of changing the world and we must uphold that tradition of brilliant work. Every kind of funding for faculty strengthens the foundations of the Institute and paves the way for innovative new ideas and projects. We welcome professorship support at all levels, and suggest that you search or browse to find the existing professorship fund that most closely suits your interests.

Some donors choose to establish a new professorship, often building their fund to full endowment over time by combining an outright gift with a multi-year pledge.

Professorships are a way to reward great teacher-researchers, as well as attract top new talent. They also strengthen the Institute’s financial foundations, adding significantly to an endowment that is modest compared to that of other leading universities.

  • Endow a professorship: $4 million

Career development professorships are special awards made to more junior faculty members whose research promises to make a fundamental contribution to a field of broad importance to society at large.

  • Endow a career development professorship: $2.5 million

Graduate Fellowships

Graduate students make up 60 percent of MIT’s student population. They play a vital role in advancing research at the Institute by continually pushing the boundaries of discovery, and experimenting with new techniques and technologies. More and more, these students rely on support from fellowships.

The Institute also faces tougher competition from other schools for the top candidates. Some of MIT’s competitors offer fellowships to all first-year Ph.D. students, and some even offer 100 percent fellowship support over the student’s entire stay in the program. MIT cannot afford to do this and must increase its first-year fellowship support to remain competitive. There are a number of existing fellowship funds that may meet your interests, or you can set up a new, named fund.

  • Endow a graduate fellowship: $1 million
  • Fund a one-year expendable fellowship: $70,000/year