Engineering Communicators Group

The Engineering Communicators Group is comprised of professional communications staff from across the School of Engineering at MIT. The group meets on a semi-regular basis to review and discuss communication strategy, specific programs and efforts, events, and other issues that are timely to the School and any of its major constituent units.

Communication within the Engineering Communicators Group (meeting announcements, requests for information, etc.) happens via a membership-restricted email list maintained in the Dean’s office. If you would like to be added to this list, please contact Chad Galts or Michael Rutter.

Engineering Communicators Group Meetings

12:00PM-1:30PM (1-214)

12:00PM-1:30PM (1-214)

12:00PM-1:30PM (1-236, Spofford Room)

12:00PM-1:30PM (1-214)

12:00PM-1:30PM (1-214)

12:00PM-1:30PM (1-214)

12:00PM-1:30PM (1-236, Spofford Room)

12:00PM-1:30PM (1-214)

TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
12:00PM-1:30PM (1-214)

TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017
12:00PM-1:30PM (1-214)

Engineering Communicators Group Members

DLC Communicator Title Phone
Bernard M. Gordon-MIT Leadership Program Eileen Milligan Communications and Outreach Coordinator (617) 253-4887
Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems Peter Brenton Administrative Officer (617) 253-3185
Center for Transportation and Logistics Christine Adams Communications and Marketing Coordinator (617) 324-8327
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics Bill Litant Communications Director (617) 253-1564
Department of Biological Engineering Dan Darling Program Coordinator (617) 452-2464
Department of Chemical Engineering Melanie M. Kaufman Communications Coordinator (617) 253-6500
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Allison Dougherty Communications Assistant (617) 253-7127
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Carolyn Schmitt Communications Assistant (617) 324-7652
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Anne Stuart Communications Officer (617) 253-4624
Department of Materials Science and Engineering Rachel Kemper Communications Coordinator (617) 253-6936
Department of Mechanical Engineering John Freidah Multimedia Specialist (617) 324-4876
Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering Ilavenil Subbiah    
D-Lab Nancy B. Adams Communications Administrator (617) 324-6197
Computational and Systems Biology Nire Manokharan Administrative Assistant (617) 253-5977
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Adam Conner-Simons Communications Coordinator (617) 324-9135
Concrete Sustainability Hub  Anne Wilson Yu Communications Coordinator (617) 549-1969
Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation Amy Davis Communications and Event Coordinator (617) 253-8987
Institute for Data, Systems, and Society Stefanie Koperniak Communications Officer (617) 324-3806
Institute for Medical Engineering and Science Karen Shaner Events and Communications Assistant (617) 324-3286
Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies Marlisha McDaniels Administrative Assistant (617) 253-5637
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research Kelsey Montgomery Communications Coordinator (617) 324-7795
Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems/IDSS Jennifer Donovan Communications Officer (617) 253-2142
Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity Samantha Young Administrative Assistant II (617) 715-2158
Leaders for Global Operations Program Josh Jacobs Director of Operations and Partnership Integration (617) 253-2959
Lemelson-MIT Program Stephanie Martinovich External Relations Officer (617) 258-0632
Materials Processing Center Maria Aglietti Senior Communications Officer (617) 253-6472
Microsystems Technology Laboratories Mara Karapetian Communications Specialist (617) 452-2545
MIT Energy Initiative Emily Dahl Communications Director (617) 253-3411
MIT Portugal Program Silvia Castro Communications Director +351-210-407-036
MIT Professional Education Lily Fu Associate Director of International Marketing  (617) 324-6878
MIT Sea Grant Kathryn Baltes Communication Specialist (617) 253-3461
Office of Digital Learning/MITx Maria Cruz Lopez Marketing and Communications Manager (617) 324-8292
Office of Engineering Outreach Programs Meredith Lawrence Communications and Alumni Coordinator (617) 324-9624
Plasma Science and Fusion Center Paul Rivenberg Communications and Outreach Coordinator (617) 253-8101
Program in Polymers and Soft Matter Gregory Sands Administrative Assistant (617) 253-0949
Research Laboratory of Electronics Sampson Wilcox Web and Media Designer (617) 452-4650
Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology Linda Zahka-Stockdale Financial Assistant (617) 253-0522
Sociotechnical Systems Research Center Jennifer Formichelli Communications Assistant (617) 324-2489
Supply Chain Management Program Samuel M. Gordon  Communications and Marketing Coordinator (617) 252-6967
Systems Design and Management Lois Slavin Communications Coordinator (617) 253-0812
Tata Center for Technology and Design Benjamin Miller Communications Manager (617) 715-5416
Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program Jessica Jones Senior Admistrative Assistant (617) 253-0077
Women’s Technology Program Cynthia Skier Coodinator of Industrial & Alumni Relations (617) 253-5580
School of Engineering, Dean's Office Anna Coffey Administrative Assistant (617) 253-3366
School of Engineering, Dean's Office Chad Galts Director of Communications (617) 253-9411
School of Engineering, Dean's Office Meg Murphy Staff Writer (617) 715-4339
School of Engineering, Dean's Office Lillie Paquette Multimedia Producer (617) 253-3461
School of Engineering, Dean's Office Lesley Rock Development Communications Officer (617) 253-6429
School of Engineering, Dean's Office Michael Rutter Director of Media Relations (617) 715-2400